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Aviation Training hilft dir, das richtige Lernmaterial zu finden!

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PPL Fragenkatalog - Product card

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Auf Weisung der Landesluftfahrtbehörden wurde der Zugang zur Datenbank für Prüfungsfragen im theoretischen Teil der Luftfahrerprüfung eingeschränkt. Weitere Infos dazu hier >>

Product card: Prepare efficiently for your theory test! The PPL question database is always... more

Product card: Prepare efficiently for your theory test! The PPL question database is always up-to-date, complete and the standard for the German pilots.

At a glance:

Online: Learn online across multiple platforms and use the apps to learn offline.
Always up to date: The entire catalogue of questions (over 3000 questions) and the map material are updated regularly and throughout the year.
Complete: The following licenses and authorizations are included: LAPL(A)/PPL(A), LAPL(H)/PPL(H), LAPL(B)/BPL, BZF, AZF
Standard: Standard for obtaining the private pilot license. Maintenance and quality assurance of the questionnaire by aviation experts including DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH and DWD Deutscher Wetterdienst
Integrated navigation computers (CR-3 and E6B)
Numerous statistics, reports and progress monitoring
Add personal notes
You can use the comment function to discuss individual questions with other students
You can search for keywords in questions and answers
Mark questions for later review or cluster them by topic yourself.
Aviationexam has more than 15 years of experience in test prep for pilots
System reliability through robust hardware architecture, multiple backup systems and high bandwidth servers.
The preparation software makes you fit for the theory test!

Get access to the well known Aviationexam database so that you are well prepared for your exam. By learning with the current questions from the official PPL question catalogue you will be extensively prepared for the theory exam, as all subjects from the EASA syllabus are included:

Aviation law
Human performance
Communication (VFR and IFR)
Basics of flying
Operational procedures
Flight performance and flight planning
General aircraft knowledge

The database has 3000 exam questions, which are divided into individual subjects, chapters and sub-chapters. Learning contents as well as the chart material are updated regularly and during the year by aviation experts, so that always up-to-date chart material (ICAO chart Germany, charts from the AIP VFR Germany and weather charts of the DWD) is used.

The question database allows filtering for different licenses: LAPL(A)/PPL(A), LAPL(S)/SPL, LAPL(H)/PPL(H), LAPL(B)/BPL for gas, hot air balloon and hot air blimp, BZF, AZF

To help you prepare efficiently, numerous functions help you to learn for the pilot exam.

The system offers the possibility to write comments on difficult questions that can be discussed with other student pilots. You can also add personal notes to all questions.

The access gives you cross-platform access to the question database. Use the cloud function to synchronize your exam preparation on your devices. Aviationexam is always available: whether you are on the road or at home!


The following federal states are currently (status: 28 FEB 2019) testing with the new questionnaire: Hesse, Lower Saxony, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate

Scope of delivery

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Manufacturer / Publisher: Aviationexam s.r.o.
Licences: AZF, BPL, BZF, PPL, SPL
Medium: Produktkarte
Sport: Engine powered flight, Helicopter
Language: English, German
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  • Für das Offline-Training werden folgende Betriebssysteme (iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows) unterstützt.
Flugbuch EU FCL logbook EU-FCL
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Flugbuch EU FCL logbook EU-FCL
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Kursdreieck Kursdreieck
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Marking tape Marking tape
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