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Flight Computer E6-B Color Navigationsrechner Flight Computer E6-B Color
Solider Navigationsrechner aus Alu mit farbiger Beschriftung
€52.95 *
Navigation computer CSG student Navigation computer CSG student
Very inexpensive navigation computer for the calculation of the most common tasks in flight planning. Ideal for student pilots! Made of hard cardboard with wind diagram on the back. With german/english manual.
€19.00 *
CX-3 Flight Computer CX-3 Flight Computer
Flugcomputer für die schnelle und genaue Flugplanung und -berechnung. Mit Hilfe modernster Mikrochip- und Displaytechnologien.
€139.00 *
Flight Computer E6-BP Navigationsrechner Flight Computer E6-BP
The inexpensive alternative made of plastic, sliders made of cardboard. Design like E6-B.
€16.95 *
Flight Computer E6-B Flight Computer E6-B
The E6-B Flight Computer from ASA is a navigation computer for the calculation of tasks in flight planning and therefore ideally suited for flight students. But also for pilots of faster aircraft at higher altitudes the computer is a...
€49.95 *
CRP-5 Schiebregler Drehmeier Pooleys CRP-5 with wind diagram slider
Navigationsrechner speziell entwickelt für Berufs- und Verkehrspiloten.
€99.80 *
Aviat 617 Aviat 617
Calculator with chart slider for international air traffic, developed taking into account the findings of air navigation. Application examples: Simple multiplication and division Calculations of speed, distance, heading, base speed,...
€175.00 *
ASA Flight Computer E6-B Circular Rechenschieber Flight Computer E6-B Circular
The E6B Circular Flight Computer combines high-quality construction with easy-to-read lettering to deliver the most efficient, accurate, and convenient manual flight computer available. Perform multiple calculations ranging from basic...
€32.00 *
Navigationsrechner / Flugrechner IWA-11092 Drehmeier Schiebregler Navigation computer / flight computer IWA-11092
Flight preparation and control during a flight can be carried out in a simple and clear manner. The computer is approved as an aid in the licence examination according to JAR-FCL and is therefore particularly suitable for training and...
€132.60 *
CR3 navigation computer CR3 navigation computer
Jeppesen navigation computer. Diameter 15.2 cm.
€42.00 *
ARC-2 with low wind ARC-2 with low wind
This navigation computer combines all the application possibilities that a navigation computer of the non-electronic generation must have. It has been developed especially for the professional pilot and is unsurpassed in its simplicity...
€99.90 *
Flight Computer E6-B1 Navigationsrechner Flight Computer E6-B1
The navigation computer for the shirt pocket, only 17 x 9 cm and made of sturdy aluminium! All common aviation calculations can be made. Comes in a case. On the front of the computer flight calculations such as time, distance, speed,...
€35.00 *
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