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VFR Sprechfunk Simulator Version 5.x VFR Sprechfunk Simulator Version 5.x
Trainieren Sie Ihr BZF-Können mit dem VFR Sprechfunk Simulator. Ideal für den Flugschüler, Fluglehrer oder Professional.
€89.00 *
IFR Radiotelephony simulator (download version) IFR Radiotelephony simulator (download version)
Train your radio skills for the AZF exam with the download version of the IFR radio simulator!
€109.00 *
Language Proficiency Trainer (Download-Version) Language Proficiency Trainer (Download-Version)
Mit der Trainingssoftware "Proficiency Language Training" können Sie sich für den ICAO Language Proficiency Test (Level 4) vorbereiten, der für das englische Sprechfunkzeugnis (BZF I und AZF) benötigt wird.
€54.00 *
Virtual Test Prep - Flight Maneuvers Virtual Test Prep - Flight Maneuvers
This is the fun stuff-taking off, landing, and maneuvering the airplane with precision and grace. Flight maneuvers are challenging, rewarding, essential for safe flying...they are the backbone of the practical exam or checkride with the...
€49.95 *
Helicopter Fundamentals Helicopter Fundamentals
The Virtual Test Prep DVD Series provides a comprehensive aviation ground school to prepare pilots for the FAA Knowledge Exam and help them become better, safer pilots. ASA’s newest DVD ground school, Helicopter Fundamentals, guides...
€29.95 *
Proficient Flying: The Very Best of Barry Schiff Proficient Flying: The Very Best of Barry Schiff
Barry Schiff brings critical subjects to life in this 3-DVD set. Barry Schiff needs no introduction. He’s known throughout the industry as a consummate aviator, author and educator with a passion for General Aviation like few others. His...
€39.95 *
Virtual Test Prep - Instrument Pilot (Blu-ray) Virtual Test Prep - Instrument Pilot (Blu-ray)
Instrument Pilot Virtual Test Prep–An Aviation Ground School brings the classroom to any home TV or computer DVD or Blu-Ray player. Includes Instrument Pilot Prepware and both widescreen DVDs and high-definition Blu-Ray disks so you can...
€225.00 *
Aviationschool: Box 2 - Navigation PPL/ATPL Aviationschool: Box 2 - Navigation PPL/ATPL
Der Intensivkurs Navigation für PPL- und ATPL-Piloten. Die Filme behandeln im Fach Allgemeine Navigation die Themen Koordinaten, Großkreis, Karten in der Luftfahrt, Zeit, Magnetismus, Kursbegriffe, Umrechnungen und das Grid System....
€149.00 *
ASA Inspection Authorization Prepware Software 8. Auflage Inspection Authorization Prepware (Software)
Comprehensive preparation and study software for the Inspection Authorization FAA Knowledge Exam.
€54.80 *
CFIT- Awareness and Prevention - ABVERKAUF CFIT- Awareness and Prevention - ABVERKAUF
Controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) is the number one threat to the safety of passengers and crew of corporate, regional, and large commercial transport aircraft. In 2002, thirty percent of all fatal accidents were CFIT. This DVD...
€18.90 *
Flight Review Flight Review
A flight review is a conscientious pilot´s personal refresher. A flight review is an excellent time to expand your knowledge of regulations and procedures while also practicing maneuvers. This DVD includes a PDF designed to prepare you...
€18.90 *
ROTAX 912 Engine Introduction ROTAX 912 Engine Introduction
ROTAX 912 Basic Operation and Maintenance for Pilots and Mechanics This DVD by Paul Hamilton provides tips and techniques for trouble-free operation of a Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) with a ROTAX 912 engine and provides an introduction to...
€29.50 *
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