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EASA ATPL Training: Airframe and Systems Helicopter

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EASA ATPL Training: Airframe and Systems Helicopter
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Volume: Airframe, Systems and Emergency Equipment The Jeppesen EASA ATPL Training Textbook -... more

EASA ATPL Training: Airframe and Systems Helicopter

Volume: Airframe, Systems and Emergency Equipment

The Jeppesen EASA ATPL Training Textbook - Airframes, Systems and Emergency Equipment gives you a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of helicopters and their emergency systems. Airframe & Systems provides an introduction to helicopter design and construction, as well as detailed explanations of helicopter functionality and maintenance. Structure, hydraulics, landing gear and steering are explained in detail, as well as pressure control, air conditioning, de-icing and fuel systems.

Always up-to-date through print-on-demand production and QR-coded throughout (for linking to digital content), this textbook guides you through the subject matter step by step.

The Jeppesen EASA ATPL textbook series offers modular training components with the goal of preparing future pilots for courses and exams in the best possible way. With the EASA ATPL Training Series, Jeppesen is releasing a completely redesigned textbook series. The manuals have been developed in close cooperation with Peters Software GmbH, which has been successfully using the EXAM question catalogues in both commercial and private pilot training for years. This has resulted in a completely new learning system. The contents of all textbooks are continuously provided with QR codes, so that the learner can call up graphics or videos directly to the contents.


The textbook series primarily combines textbook training with an examination question database
The textbooks use modern photorealistic images and animated graphics (via QR code)
Images and contents are provided with QR codes throughout
Permanent updating through print-on-demand production

Training system:

Jeppesen EASA ATPL textbook series is based on the comprehensive database developed and maintained by Peters Software GmbH.
Content structure of the textbooks according to "Part FCL Subject Codes
The use of the FCL Syllabus topic identifiers makes it easier for the learner to keep track of what is learned.
The modular structure enables training organizations and individual students to approach the training content in a way that maximizes learning success.

Book style: Soft-cover
Manufacturer / Publisher: Boeing Services Deutschland GmbH, JEPPESEN
Language: English