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IFR Practice: Manual of Instrument Flight

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IFR Practice: Manual of Instrument Flight
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This book is an absolutely practical and comprehensive description of all IFR procedures and... more

Bringt das IFR-Fliegen mit all seinen Facetten auf den Punkt

This book is an absolutely practical and comprehensive description of all IFR procedures and everything that goes with them, such as the important interface between pilot and air traffic control, dealing with IFR-relevant weather and decision-making in critical flight phases.

In addition to the structured and detailed presentation of standard IFR procedures, practical solutions are proposed and the underlying relationships illuminated. Many of the practical methods and techniques have been tried and tested by the author himself, often refined and developed his own patterns of action. It is precisely these techniques that he passes on to his students in practical flight instruction. With the summary of these practices, a guide is finally available that enables pilots to build up and deepen their flying skills. This guide is equally suitable for student pilots and all pilots who fly professionally and safely and do not just want to "get by somehow".

The book is designed for self-study and for trying out, because all methods and approaches are described step by step and comprehensibly.


Book style: Hard-back
Medium: Paper / Book / Magazine
Language: German
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