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Helicopter Basics - Basics of helicopter flying (DVD)

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Helicopter Basics - Basics of helicopter flying (DVD)
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How does a helicopter work? Which actions are necessary to start, fly and land a helicopter... more

How does a helicopter work? Which actions are necessary to start, fly and land a helicopter safely? Which emergency procedures must the pilot initiate in case of engine failure or pedal lock? How does one land in a narrow backyard or on uneven terrain? Which flight manoeuvres must a helicopter pilot perform during the check and during his regular check flights?

These and other questions about helicopters are answered in the elaborately produced educational film "HELICOPTER BASICS - Fundamentals of Helicopter Flying". All important flight manoeuvres are demonstrated with the world's most popular training helicopter Robinson R22 and the larger version Robinson R44. Mainly aerial photography! Many spectacular air-to-air scenes! This film is an absolute must for helicopter fans, flight students and all who are interested in helicopters and helicopter pilot training!

Medium: Software / CD / DVD