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The attitude tests of German and European airlines for pilots are modularly structured. In the... more

The attitude tests of German and European airlines for pilots are modularly structured. In the first stages of the selection procedures, applicants are subjected to in-depth computer-based screenings to determine their operational and cognitive skills. However, only an aptitude-psychological interview towards the end of the selection process finally decides whether an aspirant is accepted or rejected.

SkyTest® Airline-Interview introduces you to the theory and methodology of the interview approach in modern aptitude diagnostics for pilot selection procedures. The book explains in compact form and with the help of many examples both the biographical and situational sections of the interview from the interviewer's and the applicant's point of view.

The interview is also a game against oneself. An interpretation of questions based on the objectives of the interview and the subsequent development of reflected answers are accessible for training. SkyTest® Airline-Interview accompanies your preparation for this important part of the selection process with practical advice; a comprehensive catalogue of practice questions enables their immediate application.

The authors of SkyTest® Airline-Interview have many years of industry experience in theory and practice. The book provides applicants with and without a flying license with a sound and up-to-date source of information.

Book style: Soft-cover
Manufacturer / Publisher: SkyTest
Language: German
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