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E-Learning Course: Meterology (English)

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Knowledge preparation for the theory exam. Subject:  Meteorology ( Course language:... more

Knowledge preparation for the theory exam. Subject: Meteorology (Course language: English)

Aspiring pilots (glider, UL, PPL) can acquire the necessary knowledge for the theory exam with our e-learning courses - independent of time and place. The courses can also be useful for refreshing knowledge before the start of the season or after a longer break from flying.

The Meterology course was developed in collaboration with media meteorologist and private pilot Donald Bäcker. 

Course content:

  • Duration 5 to 6 hours
  • Consists of 8 modules:
    • Atmosphere and temperature
    • Humidity and clouds
    • Air masses and fronts
    • Wind and pressure systems
    • Precipitation Climatology
    • Major weather systems
    • Flight hazards
    • Aviation weather forecasting and products
  • Final test with exam questions
  • Contents are set to music
  • Many explanatory graphics, photos and animations
  • Running time: 1 year

The digital preparation of the learning content ensures variety and fun. And additional visualization helps the brain to better remember what it has learned.

The content of the e-learning courses is based on the exam topics and questions that are frequently answered incorrectly in the DAeC's question catalog on the Aviationexam platform. The courses were developed by experts in their field together with flight instructors.

The goal of each course is to ensure that content and contexts are understood in order to be able to answer the exam questions correctly.

Coming soon:

  • A forum for the exchange with others. Here, questions can also be posed to the tutor, who publishes the answers in the forum.
  • Regular webinars which take up questions/topics from learners and are explained and answered by a flight instructor.

The course "Flight Execution Plan - Plan and Execute VFR Flights Safely" (course language: German) is available to every participant free of charge in their learning environment.

Flight rule: VFR
Manufacturer / Publisher: R. Eisenschmidt GmbH
Licences: PPL, SPL, UL
Medium: Download / Online
Language: English
  • Internet connection (courses are only available online)
  • All current generation internet browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari,...).
  • Access is via:
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