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ARC-2 with low wind

(Order No.: S3240024)

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This navigation computer combines all the application possibilities that a navigation computer... more

Die Lösung für den preisbewußten Profi-Flieger

This navigation computer combines all the application possibilities that a navigation computer of the non-electronic generation must have. It has been developed especially for the professional pilot and is unsurpassed in its simplicity and reliability. Once you have taken it to hand, you will not want to miss it as a constant companion on all flights.

The following calculations are easily done with the calculator:

Fuel consumption
spec. weight conversion between weight and volume
Height and speed
Window scales
Mach number
climb and descent
the one in 60 rule
the wind triangle (Windscale) by means of wind arm
Heading rate
Basic speed and true airspeed (range from 40 to 1000 kn)
heading above ground and ground speed
Wind calculation in flight
best height for best wind
Crosswind and headwind component
Temperature rise at high speed
Compressibility error etc.

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€12.90 *
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