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Berichtigung zum Luftverkehrsrecht

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Berichtigung zum Luftverkehrsrecht
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Aviation law is a loose-leaf collection in a ring binder (including a register) and contains... more

Aviation law is a loose-leaf collection in a ring binder (including a register) and contains the following essential laws and regulations on aviation:

  • Aviation Act (LuftVG)
  • Ordinance on the commissioning of an air traffic control company (FSAuftrV)
  • Ordinance on the implementation of air traffic control (FSÜberführungsV)
  • Air traffic regulations (LuftVO)
  • Ordinance on air traffic control personnel requiring authorization and their training (FSPersAV)
  • Regulation on Air Traffic Safety Equipment for Aircraft (FSAV)
  • Ordinance on aviation radio certificates (FlugfunkV)
  • Law to protect against aircraft noise (Aircraft Noise Act)
  • Law on the Federal Aviation Office (LBA Law)
  • Law on the establishment of the Federal Supervisory Office for Air Traffic Control (BAFG) Air Traffic Licensing Regulations (LuftVZO)
  • Operating regulations for aviation equipment (LuftBO) and 1st – 4th. DV LuftBO
  • Aviation Administration Cost Ordinance (LuftKostV)
  • Ordinance on aviation personnel (LuftPersV)
  • Ordinance on the testing of aviation equipment (LuftGerPV) and 1st – 3rd. DV LuftGerPV
  • Aviation Security Reliability Check Ordinance (LuftSiZÜV)
  • Luftsicherheitsgesetz (LuftSiG)

The aviation law is written in German. Additions or corrections to this will appear as needed and will be announced in the “News for Airmen”.

Manufacturer / Publisher: AVIAPORTAL, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung
Country / Continent: Germany
Medium: Paper / Book / Magazine