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Guided Flight Discovery: Multi Engine Manual

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Guided Flight Discovery: Multi Engine Manual
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The Multi-Engine Manual uses full-color photos and illustrations to provide complete and concise... mehr

The Multi-Engine Manual uses full-color photos and illustrations to provide complete and concise explanations of the advanced concepts and ideas that every pilot seeking a multi-engine rating needs to know. Incorporating the most recent information on multi-engine performance, safety, and aerodynamics, the Multi-Engine Manual presents each subject in an innovative, logical, and contemporary format. Each chapter includes Discovery Insets that explore the world of aviation and Human Element Insets that provide insight about how the mind and body function in flight. Summary Checklists, Key Terms, and Questions provide comprehensive review at the end of each section.

Practical application of concepts is a primary focus of the Multi-Engine Manual. Scenarios are provided to help readers put their knowledge of systems, performance, and weight and balance to use. The latest research regarding engine-out aerodynamics and procedures is thoroughly examined. Multi-engine maneuvers and procedures are detailed step by step within the text, eliminating the need for a separate maneuvers manual. Helpful hints based on the real-world experiences of pilots and instructors enhance the maneuver descriptions. Human factors topics receive special treatment with sections focusing on safety and aeronautical decision-making, specifically related to multi-engine operations.

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