Helicopter Maneuvers Manual

Helicopter Maneuvers Manual
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  • 62138
  • S5403022
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  • 9781560278917
  • November 2011
  • 8-3/8" x 10-7/8" (Softcover)
  • Ryan Dale
  • 104 pages
A step-by-step illustrated guide to performing all helicopter operations. An excellent... mehr

A step-by-step illustrated guide to performing all helicopter operations.

An excellent resource for students and flight instructors alike, the Helicopter Maneuvers Manual helps pilots acquire a mental picture of each phase of flight. With this comprehensive visual guide, author Ryan Dale has captured his countless hours spent at the whiteboard in full-color illustrations that show exactly what to do or expect in each part of a maneuver.

This maneuvers manual helps pilots visualize concepts learned in flight training and incorporate the Practical Test Standards into every maneuver. The full-color illustrations and textual explanations work in conjunction with an instructor’s lessons, and facilitate effective preflight and postflight briefings. The Helicopter Maneuvers Manual gives readers a crystal-clear picture of what level of performance is expected of them for each flight profile and includes insights into the common errors associated with each maneuver. Applicable to all helicopter models, the book also features tips for the popular Robinson R22. This book is an essential tool for any flight bag!

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