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Airline Pilot Technical Interviews - 4th Edition (Softcover)

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Airline Pilot Technical Interviews - 4th Edition (Softcover)
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All kinds of technical questions can be asked in an airline interview, yet there is a specific... mehr

All kinds of technical questions can be asked in an airline interview, yet there is a specific approach pilot applicants should take to successfully prepare for this part of the hiring process. In this expanded fourth edition of the book, author Ron McElroy gives readers an abundance of preparatory exercises in the areas of mental math, approach plates, regulations and procedures, weather, systems and aerodynamics, and cockpit situations to analyze and resolve. You will also be acquainted with 14 CFR Part 111 Pilot Records Database so that you are aware of the information sharing that occurs between employers.

Using McElroy’s tips and methods, aspiring professional pilots will be prepared to display their flying skills during the simulator ride as well as their aeronautical knowledge during the face-to-face oral questioning. This study and practice will not only ensure better performance during a technical interview or test but will help pilots fly the line a little better.

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