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Aviation Weather Services

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  • ASA
  • S5403016-18
  • 0,8 kg
  • 978-1-61954-702-5
  • 352 pages (print version)
This Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circular (AC) 00-45H1 explains the U.S.... mehr

Includes Change 1, Effective 1/8/18.

This Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circular (AC) 00-45H1 explains the U.S. aviation weather products and services available to pilots.

This book is organized using the FAA’s three distinct types of aviation weather information: observations, analyses, and forecasts. Within this construct and with the support of full-color illustrations throughout, AC 00-45H1 explains U.S. aviation weather products and services.

This Aviation Weather Services thoroughly explains the many U.S. aviation weather products and services available to pilots. Weather product examples and explanations are taken primarily from the Aviation Weather Center’s Aviation Digital Data Service website. The AC provides hundreds of weather website addresses for weather resources and definitions.

It is the main resource to use when studying for pilot certification exams and should remain a part of every aviator’s library. Subjects covered include METARs, Pilot Reports (PIREP), Radar Observations, Surface Analysis Charts, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF), Significant Weather Charts, Winds and Temperature Aloft, and much more. With additional weather station location tables, lists of contractions and acronyms, weather symbols, conversion charts, internet links, and more...


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