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Artful Flying

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Artful Flying
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There’s more to flying than safely getting an airplane from point A to point B, more than... mehr

There’s more to flying than safely getting an airplane from point A to point B, more than coaxing an airplane into the air and bringing it back to earth without breaking anything, or than shooting the perfect approach or crosswind landing. There are many deeper levels of engagement possible in your flying, beyond these.

Athletes, sculptors, painters, musicians, poets—and even some pilots—have discovered similar, deeper levels of engagement simply by viewing their effort as an artful process. A  d whether creating their masterpiece on canvas, compact disk, or in the cockpit, that artful process takes time, awareness, practice and patience.

Author Michael Maya Charles aptly calls this pursuit of the possible “Artful Flying.” Artful Flying will open doors to a better way to approach your hours in the cockpit, to a new dimension—a richly rewarding world that promises to make your flying safer, more challenging and fulfilling. Hardcover,

6" x 9", 332 pages. Foreword by Rod Machado; published 2005 by Artful Publishing.

Captain Michael Maya Charles is a student of music, writing, Eastern philosophy and, of course, flying. He has amassed over 20,000 hours in 200 different aircraft types flying everything from Piper Cubs to MD-11s. An aviation writer and photographer for over 30 years, his writing has appeared in the pages of Flying magazine, AOPA Pilot, and online at

Buchart: Taschenbuch
Medium: Papier / Buch / Zeitschrift
Sprache: englisch
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