ASA: Checklist for Success (6th Edition)

ASA: Checklist for Success (6th Edition)
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  • 9781619543294
  • 6. Auflage
  • 18,4 x 22,8 x 0,9 cm (BxHxT)
  • 2016
  • Cheryl A. Cage
  • 136 Seiten
Even with a wealth of technical experience, many pilots find the airline pilot selection process... mehr

A pilot's guide to the successful airline interview — career guidance from application through to the interview.

Even with a wealth of technical experience, many pilots find the airline pilot selection process frustrating. In addition to technical expertise, today’s airline pilot must also demonstrate highly developed leadership, decision-making and communication skills. Discussing one’s abilities in these introspective areas requires a different kind of preparation than most pilots have experienced.

This is where Checklist for Success comes in. In this book, Cheryl Cage — whose name has become synonymous with exceptional career guidance — takes you from application through to the interview. She not only offers a step-by-step interview preparation program but illustrates her points clearly by stepping aside often to reflect on her own experiences in counseling aspiring pilots, furloughed pilots, and career changers. The method and information provided in Checklist will not only make reaching your highest aviation career goals less frustrating, but shorter!

Checklist for Success contains chapters dedicated to:

  • Getting the interview
  • Steps to a successful interview
  • The interviewer
  • Common applicant mistakes
  • Self-evaluation
  • Physical presentation
  • Paperwork presentation
  • Common applicant concerns
  • Before/during/after checklist
  • Sample interview questions
  • Surviving disappointment

Excerpt from Foreword: “All the advice I could provide is contained in this book. Your careful reading and study of this material, although it cannot guarantee success, will certainly enhance your chances."

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