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Bose A20 Aviation Headset with U174 Plug with Bluetooth

(Order No.: S6161004)

€1,098.00 *

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30% greater active noise reduction than conventional aviation headsets 30% less clamping... more


  • 30% greater active noise reduction than conventional aviation headsets
  • 30% less clamping force than conventional aviation headsets
  • Clear audio with active equalisation
  • Bluetooth® audio and communications interface for connectivity with your communications and navigation devices*
  • Customisable audio prioritisation control lets you mute an audio signal when receiving a communication, or mix the two together
  • Simple, intuitive headset operation - plug it in, turn it on, go flying
  • Coiled cable down-cable now available in selected configurations
  • Certified to FAA TSO-C139 and EASA ETSO-C139
  • Adjustable microphone can be connected to either earcup and set in a range of stable positions for optimal communications
  • Smart shutoff helps provide at least 45 hours of use from just two AA alkaline batteries
  • Five-year transferable limited warranty

Next generation headset for pilots.

Over 20 years ago, Bose introduced its active noise reduction headsets to the aviation industry - creating a new branch of industry. Year after year, Bose headsets are voted the most popular headsets by pilots. Now the A20 Aviation headset sets a new standard.


Enjoy an even quieter flight.

U.S. patented technologies in the A20 Aviation Headset provide even better noise reduction across the entire spectrum of human hearing - even in very loud environments. Each earcup is now equipped with microphones - both inside and outside - that use advanced electronics to capture and reduce background noise even better. Watch the video.

Improved Bose ear cushions reduce unwanted noise. The new cushioning material blocks even more noise before it can enter the earcup - you'll experience quietness like never before with this headset.

And even more comfort.

The A20 Aviation headset also sets new standards regarding comfort and stability. The headset is more compact overall, but the inside of the earcup has been enlarged to provide more room for the ears. The U.S. patented pads provide an even more soundproof finish, even over glasses, and offer the highest level of comfort even during long flights. The magnesium headband is extremely durable yet lightweight, and the sheepskin headband padding prevents pressure points.

The weight and the contact pressure have not been affected by any of these improvements. The A20 headset weighs only 340 grams and exerts significantly less contact pressure than most active headsets.

More comfort with AUX input and Bluetooth® technology.

The newly developed control module has an AUX input with intercom/AUX switching. Many pilots will use this input for special GPS and traffic warning systems. The audio prioritisation can be set so that when an incoming intercom signal is received, the AUX input is completely blanked out or the volume of the AUX input is simply reduced accordingly.

The Bluetooth® connectivity for mobile phones allows you to accept calls wirelessly via the A20 headset. The improved noise cancelling minimises interference from the mobile phone. Plus, the headset's built-in sidetone gives you a more natural feeling when making calls via Bluetooth®, even when you're disconnected from the intercom. Moreover, it is now possible to add another device in addition to the mobile phone for the purpose of audio streaming.

Intelligent power supply

The power supply in the A20 Aviation headset has an intelligent shut-off function which allows a minimum of 45 hours of use from just two AA alkaline batteries. In the fixed installation version of the headset, the technology automatically switches from on-board power to battery supply as required.

Scope of delivery
  • A20® Aviation Headset (incl. battery compartment, U174 plug, straight cable, electret microphone, Bluetooth® connectivity)
  • In-line clothing clip
  • Control module
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Aux-in cable adapter (jack plug)
  • Carry case (black)
Color: Black
Noise Reduction: active
Manufacturer / Publisher: Bose
Power supply: Rechargeable Battery / Battery
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