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RAM Lil Buddy™ Adhesive Stick Base Dash Mount with Compatible Garmin G-Ball

(Order No.: S4442442)

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Minimalists in design yet incredibly useful is the RAM Lil Buddy™ mount . Using an adhesive... more

Minimalists in design yet incredibly useful is the RAM Lil Buddy™ mount. Using an adhesive disk, put the Lil Buddy™ practically anywhere you want to keep your GPS easy to see and always within your reach. Designed with a very small foot print, finding a home on your dash or console is easy. For all you Garmin folks, note that the Lil Buddy™ attaches directly to any Garmin GPS Personal Navigation Device with a factory mounting bracket that accommodates the Garmin "G-Ball". This mount rotates 180 degrees.

RAM "Lil Buddy"-Halterung fits with:
nuvi 1200, nuvi 1250, nuvi 1260T, nuvi 1300, nuvi 1300LM, nuvi 1340T, nuvi 1350, nuvi 1350LMT, nuvi 1350T, nuvi 1370T, nuvi 1390LMT, nuvi 1390T, nuvi 1450,
nuvi 1450LMT, nuvi 1450T, nuvi 1490LMT, nuvi 1490T, nuvi 1690, nuvi 1695, nuvi 200,
nuvi 200W, nuvi 205, nuvi 205W, nuvi 2200, nuvi 2250, nuvi 2250LT, nuvi 2300,
nuvi 2300LM, nuvi 2350, nuvi 2350LMT, nuvi 2350LT, nuvi 2360LMT, nuvi 2360LT,
nuvi 2370LT, nuvi 250, nuvi 250W, nuvi 255, nuvi 255W, nuvi 260, nuvi 260W,
nuvi 265T, nuvi 265WT, nuvi 270, nuvi 275T, nuvi 285WT, nuvi 295W, nuvi 300,
nuvi 300T, nuvi 310, nuvi 310T, nuvi 350, nuvi 360, nuvi 360T, nuvi 370, nuvi 370T,
nuvi 3750, nuvi 3760LMT, nuvi 3760T, nuvi 3790, nuvi 3790LMT, nuvi 3790T, nuvi 465T,
nuvi 500, nuvi 5000, nuvi 510, nuvi 550, nuvi 600, nuvi 610, nuvi 650, nuvi 660,
nuvi 670, nuvi 680, nuvi 710, nuvi 750, nuvi 755T, nuvi 760, nuvi 760T, nuvi 765T,
nuvi 770, nuvi 775T, nuvi 780, nuvi 785T, nuvi 850, nuvi 855, nuvi 860, nuvi 880,
nuvi 885T, StreetPilot c530, StreetPilot c550, StreetPilot c580, StreetPilot i2,
StreetPilot i3, StreetPilot i5, zumo 220, zumo 660, zumo 665RAM

Scope of delivery

RAM Lil Buddy™ mount without Garmin GPS

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