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Handbook of Gliding Aerobatics (German textbook)

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Handbuch des Segelkunstflugs
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This book fulfils the desire of the ever growing group of gliding aerobatics enthusiasts for a... more

This book fulfils the desire of the ever growing group of gliding aerobatics enthusiasts for a comprehensive textbook and reference book. In the first section, the two English aerobatics specialists, Peter Mallinson and Mike Woolard, first present the theoretical principles, flight physics and safety aspects in detail and clearly. The reader is also given an introduction to the systematics and symbols of the Aresti catalogue.

The practical part describes the most important figures in a logical and easy to understand way. Starting from the ideal image as seen from the ground, the authors describe the control of the figures in all details. This is followed by a list of the most common mistakes with many tips on how to avoid them. Special emphasis is given to the references to possible risks and safety recommendations. In addition, each figure is presented in a full-page three-dimensional illustration.

Cover text:

A textbook for aerobatic pilots and instructors

This book is a supplement to the practical aerobatics lessons. It aims to deepen the understanding of the basics of safe and successful aerobatics. The book is divided into two parts and an appendix. The first part deals with theory and safety aspects, Vn diagrams, aeronautical engineering and the Aresti system, which is commonly used to graphically represent aerobatic figures. The second part describes flying the 20 most popular aerobatic figures -11 basic figures for beginners and 9 figures for advanced pilots. The appendix contains a step-by-step guide to creating Vn diagrams for different gliders.

Book style: Hard-back
Manufacturer / Publisher: Eqip
Language: German
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