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Pilot's Manual

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A valuable book for the practice - packed with information and advice on how to improve your... more

A valuable book for the practice - packed with information and advice on how to improve your flying technique to become a really good pilot. How do you perform the basic, often vital flight manoeuvres perfectly? How do you best use the instrument equipment? What is the best way to avoid serious operating errors from taxiing on the ground to take-off, cruising and touchdown? How do you handle the engines, and how can bad weather accidents be avoided? These are just a few examples from the content. Whether for single-engine, twin-engine or seaplane - this book, supplemented by many instructive two-colour graphics, is an invaluable treasure trove with a thousand useful tips and advice; a must for every private pilot!

Book style: Soft-cover
Manufacturer / Publisher: Motorbuch Verlag
Language: German
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