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Airfield Guide Germany + AIP VFR in pilotESsentials

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Product bundle: The book Airfield Guide Germany + the digital AIP VFR in the App... more

Product bundle: The book Airfield Guide Germany + the digital AIP VFR in the App pilotESsentials

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The book Airfield Guide Germany contains all visual flight and aerodrome charts for airports, landing and military airfields with civil joint use from the Aeronautical Information Publication Germany VFR. The originator of the data is DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH.

The content is based on data as of 29 JUL 2021. There is no update of the book or individual pages by Eisenschmidt or DFS within this edition. However, the information on the charts is always subject to change, e.g. new radio frequencies, implementation of construction measures, etc.. It is therefore strongly recommended that when using the charts for flight planning and execution, you check in advance with suitable sources to ensure that they are up to date.

It contains approach and visual charts for aerodromes & heliports (AD) as well as all other content: General Information (GEN), Enroute Information (ENR), and Time Restricted Aeronautical Information (AIC and SUP). Corrections are published every four weeks, automatically updating the AIP. Thus, one can always access the current version with all valid pages. The changes can be tracked via a separate tab. Full text or keyword searches can be used to find specific information. All pages can be saved as PDF and printed.

pilotESsentials is an app for flight preparation, usable on iOS and Android. It is also in english avaiable. In the free basic version it offers:

  • open flightmaps, Google Maps or Apple Map incl. display of own location
  • Route planning incl. saving of one route
  • Conversion tool with many values
  • Display of aviation weather data of the DWD: area weather forecast GAFOR, airfield weather METAR & airport weather forecast TAF in coded and decoded form, 3-day forecast

» Here « you can find more info about the app pilotESsentials (in German).

Scope of delivery

The delivery of the AIP VFR paper version begins with the next amendment. Subscribers to the AIP VFR receive the Enroute chart and VFR Planning chart free of charge!

Flight rule: VFR
Manufacturer / Publisher: R. Eisenschmidt GmbH
Country / Continent: Germany
Medium: App / eBook / PDF, Paper / Book / Magazine

For the use of the digital AIP VFR the app pilotESsentials (available for Android & iOS / Smartphone & Tablet) is required.

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