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Airway Manual TripKit: GER04

(Order No.: S2204022)

Airway Manual TripKit: GER04
€389.00 *

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The Jeppesen IFR Airway Manuals are used to prepare and conduct flights under instrument flight... more

The Jeppesen IFR Airway Manuals are used to prepare and conduct flights under instrument flight rules for all areas of the world. The manuals contain approach and departure charts of the airports (SIDs+STARs), area charts, approach procedure charts (ILS, VOR, NDB, etc.), enroute charts, instructions for emergency procedures, meteorology, regulations, conversions, etc.

If you order Airway Manuals with correction service, you will receive the corresponding corrections weekly by mail. The single sheet system simplifies the weekly update. In addition, individual charts can be removed to be used in individual combinations on your kneeboard or even directly at the helm.

Unmatched flexibility for worldwide IFR flights
Extensive information per airport
Numerous country combinations available
7-hole punching
Volume saving paper

Country coverage of this manual: Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland. Also contains terminal charts of Basle-Mulhouse and Luxembourg.

Scope of delivery

Jeppesen IFR Airway Manual Country Edition, loose-leaf collection without binders + indexes, presorted, without correction service.

Flight rule: IFR
Country / Continent: Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland
Language: English