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AIR MILLION: VFR-Chart France 1:1.000.000 (edition 2022)

(Order No.: S1211002-22)

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The VFR-Chart France 1:1.000.000 covers the entire area of France as well as parts of Belgium,... more

The VFR-Chart France 1:1.000.000 covers the entire area of France as well as parts of Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. The chart contains topography and important information for VFR pilots, airspace, radio navigation equipment and important airfield data. The chart is also ideal for flight planning.

Product features:

  • Double-sided printing
  • Easy handling in the cockpit
  • Clear graphic design
  • Licensed, unlicensed and military airfields
  • FIS-frequencies, VOLMET-frequencies, VORs, tower-frequencies, ATIS-frequencies
  • Availability of fuel
  • Danger zones
Scope of delivery

Paper (slightly laminated), folded

Flight rule: VFR
Manufacturer / Publisher: Editerra
Country / Continent: France
Scale: 1:1.000.000
Medium: Paper / Book / Magazine
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