The Instrument Flight Manual

Instrument flight manual
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  • 978-1-56027-892-4
  • 7th Edition
  • 8.25” x 10.75”
  • William K. Kershner
  • 388 Seiten
The Instrument Rating and Beyond Based on the original text by William K. Kershner, this new... mehr

This book gives an overview of IFR operational requirements and helps establish patterns of aeronautical decision making pertaining to instrument flight.

The Instrument Rating and Beyond

Based on the original text by William K. Kershner, this new seventh edition has been updated throughout to reflect current regulations, operating procedures, and technology.

Written for the pilot desiring to add an instrument rating, and for the instrument-rated pilot who needs a refresher. Divided into five sections, the book covers: airplane performance and basic instrument flying, navigation and communication aids and their instruments, planning the instrument flight (weather systems and planning, charts and other aids, and navigation planning), the instrument flight and the knowledge and practical tests (a scenario "trip" using the knowledge gained in the first three sections, including clearances, takeoff and departure, enroute, and approaches), and a syllabus for the instrument trainee and the CFII.

As with all of Kershner’s books, this manual covers instrument flying in as much detail as possible without over-complicating the subject. Numerous illustrations by the author aid in visualization of the concepts. This book covers everything students need to know to obtain an FAA instrument rating and has consistently been a favorite of both students and instructors alike.

Author W.K. Kershner’s son, W.C. Kershner is now the editor of the Kershner Manuals Series; he received his training from his father and is a flight instructor and airline captain.

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